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Police Respond To Shooting At Lil Wayne’s House


Some scary news out of Miami today, as police responded to reports of shots fired in the home of rap icon Lil Wayne around 12:45 PM.

According to the Miami Herald, the man who called in the shooting claimed to have shot four people. None of those people were Lil Wayne, however, as the rapper was not home at the time of the incident.


Weezy’s fans are surely relieved to hear that he was not harmed, but this is nevertheless a very disturbing piece of news. Why is someone entering his house and opening fire? Who are the individuals that were shot (if any)? Was Wayne intended to be a target?

Since early reports indicate that no victims were actually located by police, some have speculated that this may have been some sort of stunt or prank.

Wayne has of course had his own issues with guns; in 2010 he served eight months at Rikers Island on a firearm possession charge.

We’ll keep you posted on any details as they emerge.

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