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Lil Wayne To Drop Free Album?


Lil Wayne announced, via Twitter, that there will be a “Free Weezy Album” coming soon. Is it possible that ‘Tha Carter V,’ Lil Wayne’s upcoming album, which has seen its share of delays, may finally wind up being dropped to the public… for free??

In a pair of tweets just last night, Lil Wayne had this to say about his next album:


A little cryptic? Definitely. Could it just be a side project, and not have anything to do with Tha Carter V? Quite possibly. But who can blame Wayne for producing a little publicity, what with the current circumstances swirling around the rapper, and his record label Cash Money Records.

The album’s release date has been delayed indefinitely thanks to an ongoing dispute between Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman over money owed during the album’s production — to the tune of nearly $10 million. The dispute materialized in a threat by Wayne to get out of his current contract if the money isn’t turned over to him.

You may have also heard of the news of Lil Wayne suing Cash Money for $51 million, based off of future profits that would be lost if ‘Tha Carter V’ doesn’t get released, due to breach of contract on the part of Birdman and Cash Money Records.

If the suit is dropped, and the $10 million is given back to Lil Wayne, the decision to release the album to the public is relinquished to Birdman, which would thus negate possibility of a ‘free to the public’ drop of the album.

Whether free or not, hopefully everything gets settled quickly, so we can all start enjoying more of those hot Weezy tracks!

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