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Kanye West Unveils New Album Title And Cover Art


Coinciding with the dropping of his newest single, “All Day,” which you can listen to by clicking here, the eighth studio album from hip-hop star Kanye West has a name, which Yeezus himself tweeted out on Sunday:


The album, West’s follow-up to 2013’s “Yeezus,” looks great — nice art, nice name — except for one little issue — there’s already a hard rock band that has the exact same logo featured on one of their albums. The resemblance is uncanny:

That would be heavy metal band Christian Mistress’ 2010 album “Agony & Opium” — undoubtedly a jolly grouping of uplifting tracks. As popular as Christian Mistress may be, I have doubts that Kanye is hoping to make a connection by sharing the logo. Or is he? Who knows what goes through the head of this self-declared genius.

Lawsuits will probably stem from this, if only to capitalize on the minor fame that this will bring Christian Mistress. If I were Kanye, I’d simply make a last second switch to something else, and avoid the trouble altogether. But then again, I’m not Kanye West, and I didn’t come up with the lyrics and beats of six previous albums, which all hit No. 1 on the US charts. And another thing: if Kanye’s first intuition were to avoid trouble altogether, then the world wouldn’t have had the joy of experiencing this, or this, or this, this, and this.

So will Kanye avoid any controversy as part of his album cover? Chances are pretty slim.

Perhaps this is a choice opportunity for Mr. Kim Kardashian to come up with one of the strangest collaborations ever laid down on a track. It really doesn’t matter what happens with this whole cover story, just know that the album finally has a name, and be sure to enjoy the new track “All Day.”

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