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Harrison Ford Injured In Small Plane Crash

APTOPIX Golf Course Plane Crash

Apparently when Han Solo is late for his tee time, taking any other form of transportation simply will not do the job.

Shortly after taking off Thursday afternoon from Santa Monica Airport, there was a bit of engine failure, at which time the unnamed pilot flying the plane requested an immediate return to the airport.

That unnamed pilot turned out to be Harrison Ford, the 72-year-old screen legend who will soon be returning to his role as Han Solo in the next Star Wars film due out this December, was the sole passenger on board the vintage WW2 Ryan ST3KR single-engine plane. In attempts to get back to the airfield runway, the pilot made an unscheduled crash landing onto the 8th hole at Penmar Golf Course in Venice, CA. Listen below to audio of the radio transmission, with Ford’s voice heard during the call.


You won’t believe this, but apparently there were some doctors on the golf course in the middle of their round, who arrived to assist Ford from the crash. Both Ford, and the pilot (who isn’t named, due to health privacy laws) were able to walk away from the crash, and were taken to a local hospital.

No word yet on the where Ford and his pilot were headed in the vintage plane, but if they were looking to make the Kessel Run, it appears they did not make it in under 12 parsecs. Ford should make a full recovery, just as he did after breaking his leg in an unfortunately mundane accident on set of the new Star Wars film.

“Star Wars: Episode VII” is set to premier December 18 of this year.

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