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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Named Their Baby… What?



We’ve been dying to know. We’re sure you have too. What is the name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively‘s baby? Well, the wait is finally over as the two have finally publicly announced their choice.

The couple had their baby daughter around two months ago, but ever since then, the name had been a secret… until now. Rumors have floated around suggesting that the couple was going to name their child “Violet” but those turned out to be untrue. The real name is quite a bit less traditional and familiar… at least for a girl.



The name the couple chose for their baby daughter is: “James.” If you’re thinking that sounds like a boy’s name, try to remember that Blake’s name is, well, Blake. And hey, this is the year 2015!

But it is easy to tell that the couple is very happy and excited about their little bundle of joy. Reynolds spoke about parenting at this past Sundance Festival: “The best thing about it — well, everything’s great about it, the least impressive thing is the complete lack of sleep.”

We hope you and James can get both some sleep, Ryan.

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