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Afroman Arrested For On-Stage Assault


I was not going to get arrested, but then I got high.

We’re sure this is what Afroman was thinking after he brutally punched a female fan on stage at his concert late Tuesday night.

Afroman — whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman — was playing a show in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday night when a female fan got on stage and started dancing. Without warning, Afroman turned and unleashed a ferocious open right hand to the female fan’s face, knocking her down. Afroman then turned back around and continued to play his set. The fan got up at her own power but witnesses at the concert said she was bleeding and crying.

You can watch a GIF of the incident below or scroll to the bottom of this article for the full YouTube video from TMZ.


afroman stage slap

Shortly after the attack, cops stopped the show and Afroman was taken out of the venue. He was consequently arrested and charged with assault.

Afroman’s rep stated the rapper didn’t know whether the fan was male or female and that he just reacted to someone being on stage. He also blames the poor security at the venue for letting someone on stage. Afroman was later released on $330 bond. There is no new news on the fan’s current condition.

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