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Tim McGraw’s Emotional Tribute To Glen Campbell

Those of us who had the chance to watch the 2015 Academy Awards on Sunday night were in for more than just entertainment. Glen Campbell, the remarkable and talented country singer, is living the last stages of Alzheimer’s disease. As a tribute to him, another heralded singer, Tim McGraw, sang a song that Mr. Campbell wrote, before he was unable to do so.

As I watched the red carpet and all of the festivities of the Hollywood extravaganza, I had no idea that I would be so inspired. It would be hard to believe that there was a dry eye in the house after McGraw’s performance of this touching song. The lyrics give you insight as to what people with this disease think about when they know what is going to happen.

It was great to see awareness being raised for this crippling disease on such a large stage. Alzheimer’s is a condition that knows no age or gender, and ultimately leaves people with no memory and decreased quality of life.


Take a few minutes to experience a very moving story, told in Glen Campbell style. You can watch the performance on Hulu here.

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