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Kendall Jenner Bares All In Photoshoot For Love Magazine



Finding it nearly impossible to steal headlines from older sister Kim Kardashian, 19-year-old Kendall Jenner upped the ante by appearing topless in the upcoming issue of Love magazine — or, at least as close to topless as possible.

There are a couple of small black dots covering up just enough of her chest to make the photos (we guess) slightly more artistic than fully topless. You can take a look at the photos via The Hollywood Gossip — because they’re just a little too racy for us to post here.

If you take a look at the photos, you will notice a few discrepancies in… well, Kendall’s seemingly enhanced bust size. To put it politely, her fully (or partially) clothed chest doesn’t really match the fully revealed size. Whether that’s intentional or not has yet to be said.



Oh, and a quick ‘by the way’: Kendall’s efforts to steal some headlines have already been stolen back by older sister Kim, thanks to news that Mrs. Kardashian West herself ALSO appears scandalous in an upcoming issue of Love magazine. See the pictures by checking out

As always, Kim cannot be stopped!



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