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Kate Upton Bares All In New Photo Shoot (Slideshow)


Well, kind of…

It’s safe to assume most men enjoy seeing Kate Upton, whether it be pictures or video footage…and for good reason. Kate Upton has definitely become a worldwide celebrity pretty much being recognized everywhere she goes.

In her most recent feature for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, they went above and beyond (thank you) and put together this little behind-the-scenes video called “Kate Upton Gets Intimate.” This is definitely one you need to check out.

This behind-the-scenes rare footage will be the closest thing you will see to Miss Upton topless on the internet. I’m not complaining, but it just makes me think how lucky Justin Verlander is, as the two are known to have been dating for quite a while now.



Enough said. Sit back and enjoy the slide show that was released a few days ago. To see even more photos of the lovely Kate Upton, click here.





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