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What’s Up With Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna?

Who are the two most beautiful people in the world? Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna… but of course, you knew that. But did you know the the two have allegedly been hooking up for years? That’s right, years.

Many people thought something might have been going on between the two when some pictures were released from a New Year’s party with the two together. Now, some are saying they have been hooking up for much longer. Does that mean Rihanna was hooking up behind Chris Brown and Drake‘s back? It would appear so. Leo was also with Toni Garn at the time as well, so if these rumors are true there is certainly an element of drama that could potentially be at play.


The two apparently have a “no strings attached” agreement with one another and are just keeping things casual and having fun. There are also some reports of Rihanna inviting Leo to Barbados to meet her family.

It appears the couple has been trying to keep their relationship secret for a while but it seems as the word is now out. Will things start getting more serious with the two? Or will they continue to keep things casual? We’ll keep you posted as details emerge.

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