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Selena Gomez Cries at Taylor Swift’s Party

selena-gomez-cries-celebWe’ve all had those nights where we get emotional over something that’s not that big of a deal but we still stress about it anyways. Well, this was the case for Selena Gomez at Taylor Swift‘s birthday party, and the subject of her sorrows was — you guessed it — Justin Bieber.


According to US Weekly, Gomez was seen crying on the terrace of Swift’s house. An insider had said party-goers were looking on in disbelief with some of the things Gomez said. “She shouted, ‘No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn’t even understand me,’ ” the insider said of the scene.

The party for Swift (who was turning 25) was a star-studded event with attendees like Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Beyonce, among others. Sources say besides the small incident with Gomez, the party was a big success.



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