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Liam Hemsworth Offered Lead Role in Independence Day 2

liamThis highly anticipated blockbuster may have just found its leading man: Liam Hemsworth.

Most of the original cast is expected to return for the sequel, except one big name: Will Smith, who is said to be too expensive according to director Roland Emmerich. There was a huge void to be filled for a leading protagonist, who will most likely save Planet Earth for another alien invasion. It’s rumored Smith could make a small cameo, which would help tie this follow-up to the original more strongly.

No details are yet known about the plot of the upcoming sequel, but Emmerich will return as director and Dean Devlin will return to produce. Those two teamed up to write the original, which came out nearly two decades ago.


Independence Day 2, now dubbed “ID Forever,” has been in development for many years, and ever since Jeff Goldblum broke the news that they would be indeed moving forward, things have been heating up.

Scheduled to hit theaters in the summer of 2016, this film should be an instant box office success considering that the original, which opened in July of 1996, brought home $817.4 million worldwide. It will be interesting to see if audiences have had enough of a dystopian-type alien invasion film, or if maybe the studio can cash in on the fame of the original, which became an instant classic.

Here is the original trailer to spark some hype. Stay tuned for more updates!

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