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Lady Gaga Made A New Song With Paul McCartney?

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has been busy teaming up with legendary musicians as of late. First it was the one and only Tony Bennett, and next up appears to be Sir Paul McCartney.

Today Gaga posted several photos to her Instagram account, with the caption, “Had a beautiful session with Sir Paul McCartney and friends. Working on one of his many secret projects! Killer musicians, vibe, and lots of laughs.”

In another post, she added, “Always a good time with my buddy. I’ll never forget when he called me last year to work and I hung up the phone cuz I thought it was a prank!”

Even superstars in the music industry experience the feeling of being star struck. In the end we are all human, and it’s always funny to hear this type of thing from an established diva.


McCartney has been quite busy himself, teaming up with rap star Kanye West and the beautiful Rihanna on a fresh new track titled “FourFiveSeconds,” which will be featured on Rihanna’s upcoming new album.

After a career misfire with the 2013 release of the Lady Gagas album titled “Artpop,” she seems determined to change her approach and get her career back on track. Working with a musician of McCartney’s caliber can’t hurt.

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