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Tom Hanks Reunites With “Cast Away” Co-Star [VIDEO]

thanks[wp_ad_camp_4]Since the 2000 movie “Cast Away” followed the story of a man who survived a plane crash and then spent many years isolated on an island, lead actor Tom Hanks didn’t spend share a lot of screen time with others in the film. He did, however, have one very memorable co-star: a volleyball that he painted a face on and named “Wilson.”

One of the most strangely saddening moments in “Cast Away” came toward the end, when Hanks’ character Chuck Noland was escaping to the sea on a raft in hopes of being rescued, and his best friend Wilson fell off the boat and floated away.

Well, Hanks was reunited with Wilson during a Wednesday hockey night game between the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins at Madison Square Garden. Reportedly, the actor was spotted by a camera man who placed the two-time Academy Award winner on the Jumbotron. Hanks was caught off-guard, and his expression was less than pleasant, until someone in the crowd tossed Hanks a volleyball with the same hand-printed face that audiences came to cherish in the classic flick.

After receiving the ball, Hanks expression immediately shifted towards elation. It has been 15 years since the duo left their own hand print, upon the cinema world.

Check out the video from the Rangers’ Instagram account below:

ICYMI at the #NYR game last night Tom Hanks and Wilson were finally reunited! #BFF

A video posted by New York Rangers (@nyrangers) on

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