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The Best And Worst Moments Of SNL40

jfal[wp_ad_camp_4]On Sunday evening, Saturday Night Live celebrated its 40th anniversary, with a star-studded list of alums and former guests piling into 30 Rockefeller Plaza for a three-and-a-half hour special that featured plenty of cameos and throwbacks.

Many of the bits and appearances hit home, generating laughs and nostalgia, but plenty of moments also fell flat. Today, we’re taking a look at the show’s highlights and lowlights.


BEST: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Intro Song

Opening up with two mega-stars who combine musical talents and humor as well as anyone in the biz was a great choice. Sometimes the song-and-dance numbers at these shows can come up short, but JT and Fallon killed it with a rap that ran through the show’s history and touched on many classic moments.

You can watch the duo spit some funny flows below:

WORST: Awkward Appearances From Eddie Murphy and Chevy Chase

It was nice to have these two legendary alums make appearances, we guess, but it seemed rather evident that neither particularly wanted to be there. Maybe it’s just because it’s been so long since we’ve seen him, but Chase appeared to be in rough physical shape — having gained significant weight in recent years — and also just didn’t have a very jovial air about him.

Murphy’s return made big headlines, being that it was his first return to the show in three decades, but his brief and overly serious appearance also came off as awkward, especially at the end when the cameras apparently didn’t cut to commercial at the proper time. You can see for yourselves what we’re talking about:

It’s too bad that Murphy couldn’t follow up Chris Rock’s excellent introduction with even one joke or anecdote.

BEST: Celebrity Jeopardy Reboot

A lot of the throwbacks to cherished sketches and routines felt forced and dated, but the Celebrity Jeopardy bit was undeniably great. Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond reprised their roles as Alex Trebek and Sean Connery, while a rotation of other impersonated celebrities also rolled through and garnered laughs. The highlight was Norm McDonald cruising in as Turd Ferguson.

WORST: Kanye West’s Musical Performance

What the.

Kanye has taken his music in strange and different directions, which is fine and all, but it was hard to get revved up for this performance. He opened with a rendition of his classic track “Jesus Walks,” performed entirely while he laid on his back, and then segued to a couple new songs. While heartfelt, his “Only One” ballad to his daughter felt overly somber for the event, and in general his crackly voice took away from what he was going for.

BEST: Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler’s Music Video

One of the fun parts of SNL, as a live sketch comedy show, is that every so often the participants will break down and crack up in a scene. While this is frowned upon internally, most viewers find these moments endearing — we’re all human, and sometimes it can be impossible to hold it together amidst so much comedic genius.

Samberg and Sandler captured this dynamic perfectly in their ode to breaking down:

What were your favorite (and least favorite) moments of Sunday’s big celebration? Sound off below.

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