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Jimmy Fallon’s Awkward First Encounter With Nicole Kidman


Last night on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon wanted to re-tell the tale of when he and guest Nicole Kidman first met. It appears that Fallon wanted to bring up the event just to generate a bit of small talk — until Kidman revealed that there was something completely different going on, with mixed signals and awkward moments that paint the picture of what could be seen as a really bad date.


In Jimmy’s words, he thought the fact that a buddy of his was bringing Kidman to his apartment to meet was going to be something regarding a small role in her movie Bewitched. But as soon as Kidman explains the encounter from her side, you can clearly see Fallon’s stunned expression as she describes how it definitely could have been perceived as his opportunity to steer the meeting into the romantic realm (you can see the exact moment at 1:16 in the video below).

You’ve gotta feel for the guy, because the way she tells the story, it sounds like the biggest opportunity of Fallon’s young life was shattered thanks to the way he acted: like a complete goof, unaware of potential signals, or how to behave in front of an attractive woman. The level of embarrassment felt by poor Jimmy leaves the host speechless.

One of Fallon’s strong suits as host of The Tonight Show is his ability to get guests to loosen up and act natural, both in the guest chair and while playing a variety of different games. Kidman, normally very shy in interviews, was clearly very comfortable around Jimmy (this time, at least), providing what was easily one of the best, and funniest, moments of the show this year.

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