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What’s Up With Kim Kardashian’s Hair?

The most famous Kardashian — you know her as Kim, or Kimye — changed up her look just a few days ago. Though her new hairstyle didn’t quite break the internet, it’s safe to say it has set off a few fireworks on the worldwide web.



We all tend to have a good laugh at her antics, her (lack of) smarts, her crying face, and on and on… but we all agree that she’s smoking hot, right? It seems like this is always something that gets lost in the headlines around the web, when people are poking fun at her spread in magazines like Paper or Love. As if the joke is some snark-infused headline like, “Oh, did she really blow up the internet?” when the headline is never “It is insane how good looking and curvy this woman is.”

I say this just to preface the mid-level internet uproar about her new hairstyle — where the gut reaction from many outlets is how she really pulls off a short, bleach-blonde hairstyle. I must say that, as Celebritrend is the foremost authority on celeb style, I’m going on record as saying that this haircut does NOT work. The reason is simple: I mentioned before that lost in the shuffle of constantly scrutinizing her every move is how gorgeous she is, but I must scrutinize her current move because she is most gorgeous as a dark-haired, dark-featured woman. This dyed-blonde style doesn’t suit her, it looks kind of… well, ridiculous.

However, regardless of whether she ‘rocks it’ or not, the move is totally understandable. As the wife of hip-hop megastar Kanye West, it’s moves like this that give us a glimpse into the one-up-manship that she’s been constantly playing with Mr. West. According to Forbes, Kim Kardashian made $28 million just last year, whereas her hubby Yeezus raked in a cool $30 mil. Being that Kim makes most of her millions simply by existing and making headlines, and given the fact that Kanye just recently released a hot single off of his new album, do you think it’s any sort of coincidence that just right now, Kim decides to get a fresh new cut?

Kardashian is one of the wealthiest celebs around, and despite how ‘dumb’ she may be, she knows full well how to capitalize off of her fame. Though I can’t quote her on this, I’m sure “Wealthiest Celebrity” sounds a heck of a lot better than “One of the Wealthiest Celebrities.” Thus and so: new haircut, stolen headlines.

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