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Taylor Swift Wows the Crowd at Victoria’s Secret Event

Taylor Swift made an appearance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and could have easily have been mistaken for one of the supermodels.

Swift was performing this year alongside of many other acts including Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. Swift donned some sexy lingerie during her performance and played two different songs. In an arena filled with beautiful woman, it was hard for Swift to steal the show but she managed to do so.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is quickly becoming one of the biggest, most talked about events out there so they have to pull out all the stops and get big time performers like Swift. This was obviously a great move for Victoria’s Secret as Swift has a huge impact for business with her extremely large fan base.

You can watch the event on Dec 9th to see it all for yourself and to catch Taylor Swift in some sexy lingerie, singing her heart out! Check out more photos below!







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