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Check Out This Awesome Celebrity Mash-Up


From Napoleon Dynamite and Dr. Evil to Bill O’Reilly and John C. Reilly, these clip mash-ups — put together by the gang over at Chubbies Shorts — offer prime hilarity and entertainment. I might also add that there is a very important and recurring message in each one of these clips for all of you viewers.

If you haven’t heard about the shorts company called Chubbies, you’ll want to keep an eye on them. The California-based clothing company builds its brand around entertaining content such as this, and even if you’re not in the market for their product, you’re likely to get a kick out of their viral videos and clever tweets at @Chubbies.


Every Friday they put together a short clip show starring all of your favorite celebrities to get you hyped for the weekend. Here’s their latest.



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