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Michelle Rodriguez Gets In Trouble For Saying Things

The 36-year-old star of the highly successful “Fast & Furious” franchise went out and stuck her foot in her mouth, by her own account. Michelle Rodriguez was photographed by TMZ coming out of an LA restaurant, saying that minorities should stop taking white superhero roles. To say that the comments were taken out of context is quite an understatement, considering the fact that Rodriguez herself is a non-white actor.

The uproar exists because a lot of people apparently thought that Rodriguez was defending the concept of the white superhero, and making the claim that minorities should stay away and leave the white roles for white actors only. Does that sentence sound absolutely absurd? Of course it does, because why would anyone think this is what Rodriguez meant?

Well, to quote Childish Gambino… because, the internet. People are going to jump to their conclusions without taking the time to research, investigate, or even think critically. And because this is the internet, Rodriguez had to come out publicly with an apology, along with an explanation — which she happily did on her Facebook page.


In the video, Rodriguez explains that it’s time for minorities to blaze their own trails in the film industry, NOT that they simply shouldn’t be in superhero movies — thus “taking white roles.” Which is to say that, instead of merely switching up race, or sex, Rodriguez declares “people should stop being lazy and make an effort to develop their own mythology, films, or even franchise of films.” She continues by stating that “different cultures around the world that aren’t in Hollywood should start focusing on making that a serious priority.”

So even though the point she’s getting across is a little meandering, it’s clear that she’s made it, and she deserves to have the backlash lifted. However, her thoughts are a little misguided, if not unfair.

From the video, it’s clear that Rodriguez has a vested interest in sparking some sort of change, being a non-white film star herself, but making comments that the non-white actors aren’t doing enough is ridiculous. It’s nearly impossible to get any movie made in Hollywood, let alone something out of the ordinary. Even with the rise of superhero flicks, all of a sudden, nobody’s trying to do just that?

It’s not a lack of creativity, it’s not a lack of effort, it’s a lack of public interest — which is the real unfortunate cause behind cookie-cutter action films. The film industry isn’t some magical land where just because you have a different idea, financial backers will hand out money. Investing millions comes with an expectation of getting those millions at least back, and hopefully many more as well. The people with the money value security over innovation.

Though I do applaud someone like Rodriguez for speaking out as she did, film producers could very easily just cast a bunch of white people in all the most successful franchises; the fact that they make strides to NOT do this has to be a step in the right direction. Based off of that success, it’s more likely that minorities, women (or anyone really) will be able to strive for more creative projects. Even though it’s not the most ideal system, it is something.

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