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Kim Kardashian’s Controversial Photo Shoot Leaks On The Internet



Well folks, it looks like Kim Kardashian has done it again.

Kim recently bared it all for her photo shoot with the fashion mogul Prada. The photos recently leaked and you can see Kim in all of her glory in her birthday suit.

The photos have been blowing up and there’s been plenty of discussion on Twitter surrounding the reality star. Some of the comments ranged from “her poor daughter” and “Wow to me this shows no sense of fashion at all. I dont see wtf shes promoting.” Another user tweeted about how the photoshoot made her feel: “the kim k Prada shoot literally disgusts me like stop with your naked self.”

It seems most people had a problem with the fact that the photo shoot was for a clothing brand, but she wasn’t wearing any clothes in a lot of the photos.


This shoot is very similar to her controversial 2014 “Break the Internet” campaign where she bared it all and showed the whole world her goodies. There was some backlash because many thought it was the work of Photoshop.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversial issues. She has been in many situations like this before so we have a feeling this will work out just fine for her.



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