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Iggy Azalea Quits Social Media

igz[wp_ad_camp_4]Everyone knows that the internet is a pretty crazy place — a place where you can see and say anything, while staying anonymous the whole time. This often leads to people being mean and nasty on social media simply because there is no consequences for such cruel behavior. It has become such a problem that we even created a term for it: cyberbullying.

Well, rapper Iggy Azalea has finally had enough of the cyberbullying she has endured and is saying goodbye to social media.

Apparently, the last straw was when this picture was circling around the internet of the star in a bikini and she was berated with tons of comments saying how bad she looked and how you could see her cellulite.
Azalea announced her indefinite hiatus with the following series of tweets:

She also tweeted that her management team will be taking over her social media for the time being. Will this teach a lesson to the people out there who are doing all this cyberbullying? We don’t think so, but maybe it is a start. Azalea signed off with the following statement, which is sadly hard to argue:

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