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Brian Williams Hit With Six-Month Suspension



Deborah Turness, NBC News President, has dropped the hammer on chief anchor and managing editor Brian Williams, handing him a suspension of six months without pay for “misremembering” a military occurrence in the field back in 2003. To the layperson, why don’t we just call what Williams did “embellishing the facts.”

The incident in question, as initially reported, was a bit of a scare for the then-field reporter Williams, involving one of the helicopters ahead of his being hit by enemy fire. The video below is the initial airing of said incident:


I mean, that’s a fairly captivating, newsworthy tale — a field reporter’s helicopter convoy hit by some enemy fire — but it doesn’t really grab you, does it? That’s not a compelling enough story to keep everyone glued to their seats. You know what they say: “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story,” and Williams certainly followed suit as his version of facts have swayed throughout the years. Here he re-tells the same story 10 years later on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” See if you can notice any facts getting exaggerated:

Now that really was a great story! However, it’s almost as if no facts from the original event were even contained in his words. Now, I know what you may be thinking — is it really a big deal that a guy bends the truth a bit, in order to spin a more compelling yarn? We’ve all done it at some point in time, no doubt.

But this is the chief anchor for NBC’s Nightly News program — currently the most watched evening news program in America, and a place many people go to get their current events. It should be a venue that exists without exaggeration, distortion of truth, or bending of facts. To think that doing any of those things in order to make more compelling headlines would go down defeats the purpose of presenting stories as they occurred (despite this notion being more than a bit naive).

The main issue is that viewers will likely wonder what else has been embellished in order to make a better story, and that has the potential to shatter any credibility NBC News has built up over its lifetime. In the world of TV news, this is quite possibly the worst outcome of all… despite the fact that everyone is guilty of it.

The suspension of its lead anchor, Williams, comes at a tough time for NBC’s news lineup, with the TODAY Show slipping out of the top morning news spot, and David Gregory fired as anchor of Meet The Press. If anything, it’s possible this suspension will help cool off the controversy, saving the credibility of the news program. At the same time, this will perhaps teach Williams a lesson on keeping his Pinocchio act in check.

Check out this hilarious send up of Williams’ exaggeration act from the Huffington Post:

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